Special Olympics


Welcome to the ICU Special Olympics Page! 
If you are a Cheer Coach or Cheer Athlete (new or experienced in Cheerleading and/or Performance Cheer) or a Parent for anyone wanting more information on Special Olympics Cheer, you are in the right place!

To get started or for any assistance with Special Olympics Cheer, please review the Special Olympics Coaching Requirements (below), review the 2020-2022 ICU Special Abilities Rules and contact the SO Global Cheer Sport Resource Team Co-Chairs [email protected] and [email protected] for more details!

Special Olympics Coaching Requirements
Any coaches completing the ICU Special Olympics Coaching courses* are welcomed and encouraged to contact their local Special Olympics programme to learn more about how to become involved in coaching Special Olympics Cheer.  The Special Olympics online learning portal hosts a range of courses which are designed to support all Special Olympics coaches on their pathway of learning and development.  For more information about these courses, please visit our Online Coach Education webpage, or create your free account at

All coaches should be aware that each Special Olympics programme establishes minimum coach education and certification requirements in line with local legislation and practices. All coaches should refer to their local program for further information on these requirements including coach education, background checks, safeguarding training or first-aid training. To find your local program contact details, please click here.

*Email [email protected] for more information on the ICU Special Olympics Coaching Courses as an added opportunity to help advance your knowledge in Cheer!

Thank you for all you do for our athletes and welcome to Special Olympics Cheer!